idate in suspenders is extremely important to me

trans character written by a cis person


Argh…. I was born in the wrong body…. Everyday I scream because I am Trans…. I must transition…. Argh…..

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DAO Graphics Meme (x)
2 Races - Qunari & Elves

"Shok ebasit hissra. Meraad astaarit, meraad itwasit,
aban aqun.Maraas shokra. Anaan esaam Qun. (Struggle is
an illusion. The tide rises, the tide falls, but the sea
is changeless. There is nothing to struggle
against. Victory is in the Qun.)"


"he or she" …they?

"he/she" they

"(s)he" thEY

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(Source: mahjongnookulus)

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chaplinr who says i CANT fight shadow monsters in another dimension youve known me long enough to know better

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Gender neutral terms of sinister endearment



  1. Ghost-I-love-most
  2. Gravefriend
  3. Black Heart
  4. Blackguard
  5. Winner Sinner
  6. Brave Knave
  7. Fae-friend (alternate spellings of “fae” at your preference)
  8. Hellhoney
  9. Nec-romancer
  10. Crypt Cuddler

Take ‘em for a spin with our unusual date ideas (which may not unusual to our audience, as we have been advised many… many… many times).

So I’m gonna need people to start using these, okay?  Cool.

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white women of hollywood, reducing japan and japanese culture to cupcakes, sexy ”costumes” and submissive sex-kittens since god knows when

white people, this is why nobody trusts you

yeah, so white women fetishize, objectify, and commodify woc as well and treat us like props.

this is why we don’t trust you. 

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mickeyriku yea they look cool i havent seen much of them but ricky was stressing out because he thinks he’ll have to choose one
also he was in the velvet room w igor and margaret and marie and he was like “white people are weird. these are the only white people in the game and theyre so fucking weird”
idk margaret and marie seemed p normal

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ricky has only had a vita for like two days and hes already leaving me for his animes